Amritsar Law College’s Award Meet And Salutation Ceremony , 2024

Award show

On May 5, 2024, Amritsar Law College hosted its second Annual Award Meet and Salutation Ceremony, 2024. With the esteemed leadership of Hon’ble Chairman Adv. Sh. Amit Sharma, the event achieved grand success, graced by numerous Resource Persons, Dignitaries, Faculty members, and students.

The function began with Saraswati Vandana to get the blessings of the almighty followed by the lamp lightening and floral welcome of the chief guest, Dr. Saroj Arora, Dean CDC, GNDU ASR; our Guests of Honor Mr. Racchpal Singh, CJM Cum Secretary DLSA, ASR; Dr. Bharat, Associate Professor, UILS, PUCHD, GNDU; Dr. Viney Kapoor, Founder Former V.C., Dr. B R Ambedkar NLU, Sonipat; Dr. Nirmal Pandhi, Director, SBHS Girls College; Mr. Varinder Kumar, Superintendent, CBIC; Adv. Sunpreet Singh, Secretary, ABA; Adv. Amandeep Sharma ABA, Mrs. Ragini Sharma (Director Finance, AGC), Prof. (Dr.) Rajneesh Arora (Managing Director, AGC), Dr. Avon Kumar Vaid (Principal, ALC), Dr. Gaurav Tejpal (Principal, AGC), Dr. P.S. Pannu (Registrar), Dr. Dipti Malhotra (Dean CCIE), Mr. Vijay Sai (Chief Warden), Adv. Manish Sharma (Law Officer), and Vikas Khanna, (President, GST Practitioners).

Dr. Avon Kumar Vaid, Principal ALC, warmly welcomed the guests and expressed heartfelt gratitude for their presence, which enriched the gathering. He proudly showcased the academic and co-curricular achievements of the college’s students, highlighting, “Opportunity does not happen, you need to create them.” Also, he announced the university toppers of session 2020-21, Mr. Jairath Mehra bagged First position in (B.A.LL.B 1st year), and Ms. Komal (LL.B 1st year) stood First. In session 2021-22, Ms. Amanpreet Kaur (LL.B 1st year) stood first, Ms. Jatanpreet Kaur stood second while Mr. Lakshya Ambavata (LL.B 2nd year) stood second in University Examination. For session 2022-23, Ms. Akompreet Kaur stood First in (B.A.LL.B 1st year); Mr. Jairath Mehra (B.A.LL.B 3rd year) stood third and Ms. Jatanpreet Kaur (LL.B 2nd year) stood fourth.

The college-level position holders were also awarded for the year 2022-23. In B.A. LL.B 3rd year Mr. Jairath Mehra bagged first position, Ms. Khushi bagged second position and Shilpa third; In B.A.LL.B 2nd year, Ms. Sharandeep Kaur, bagged first position, Ms. Kinshika Vohra second, and Vanshika Sharma third. In B.A.LL.B 1st year, Ms. Akompreet Kaur bagged first position, Ms. Roshni Dhanuka second position and Ms. Jaismeen Kaur third.

In LL.B's 3rd year, Mr. Manish Sharma secured the first position, Mr. Nikhil Agarwal in second place, and Ms. Komal in third. In LL.B's 2nd year, Ms. Jatanpreet Kaur earned the first position, Ms. Amanpreet second, and Ms. Minakshi third. In LL.B's 1st year, Ms. Gurleen Nagpal and Printy bagged the first position. In total, 14 academic, 23 co-curricular awards and 80 sports medals were awarded to the students. They were all congratulated for bringing the laurels to the institute.

Dr. Saroj Arora highlighted the important role of law in society's betterment and stressed the significant responsibility that law students bear in this regard. Mr. Racchpal Singh motivated the students to always stand up for truth, cautioning that even a single misstep could profoundly impact another person’s life. He highlighted the equal importance and substantial responsibility inherent in both legal practice and judiciary roles. Dr. Viney Kapoor shed light on prevalent social issues and encouraged law students to actively engage in resolving these challenges, advocating for them to be active citizens. Adv. Sunpreet Singh also guided the students about their prospects and assured them of his enduring support, under the esteemed guidance of Adv. Sh. Pradeep Saini, President of ABA, ASR.

The students of ALC dazzled the audience with their wonderful cultural performances, including Gidha, Bhangra and enthralling folk songs, illuminating the entire auditorium with their vibrant energy. Following this, the award ceremony started and various academic and co-curricular awards were given to the students by our esteemed guests and the college dignitaries. As the ceremony concluded, dignitaries and students convened for lunch. Afterwards, students showcased their modelling skills and intellectual prowess and earned titles. The college authorities felicitated the resource persons and guests for their invaluable contributions and encouragement throughout the event.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Amanpreet Kaur (Assistant Professor, ALC), who expressed her sincere gratitude to all the guests for their gracious presence and support. She congratulated all the academic toppers and winners of various activities and extended her best wishes for a bright future to all the students.