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Our AGC Team

Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) confers specific functions & powers on various bodies of the AGC campus. These college-bodies in a Top Engineering College in India play an effective role in framing of the college policy, maintaining educational standards and much more. Giving the policy directions, monitoring their implementation and taking corrective measures whenever required, is the main plan of action of these bodies.
The AGC has the following Governing and other bodies:

Governing Body

The governing body at AGC campus has the following members with the designation (in the campus) and their position in the team:

Sr no Name Designation Status
1. Adv.  Amit Sharma Chairman Chairman BOG
2. Mrs.  Ragini Sharma Director (Finance) Member
3. Dr.  Rajneesh Arora Managing Director, AGC Amritsar Member
4. Prof. Sachin Nilkanthrao Deshmukh Department of CSE & IT, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad UGC Nominee
5. Dr.  Vaneet Sharma Executive Management Member Member
6. Sh.  Rajinder Sharma Executive Management Member Member
7. Sh.  Shiv Dutt Sharma Executive Management Member Member
8. Dr.  R. K Garg Prof. & Head, Industrial & Production Engg., NIT Jalandhar Member
9. Dr.  Upain Bhatia Dean Acadamic Affairs & Head CE, AGC Amritsar Member

Management Body

The management body includes the following list of members:

Sr no Name Designation
1 Sh.  Amit Sharma Chairman
2 Mrs.  Ragini Sharma Director (Finance)
3 Dr.  Vaneet Sharma Executive Member
4 Sh.  Chaman Lal Executive Member
5 Dr.  Om Prabha Executive Member
6 S.  Manjit Singh Executive Member
7 Sh.  Rajinder Sharma Executive Member
8 Mrs.  Chander Rekha Sharma Executive Member
9 Dr.  Shivani Sharma Executive Member
10 Sh.  Shiv Dutt Sharma Executive Member
11 Sh. Jatinder Dua Executive Member

Members of Academic Council

The aim of academic council is to measure and implement all the required educational standards. The team includes:

Sr no Name Status
1 Dr.  Gaurav Tejapl , Principal, AGC Amritsar Chairman
2 Dr.  A. P Singh, Dean RIC, IKGPTU Kapurthala Member
3 Dr. Y.S. Brar, Director Main Campus, IKGPTU Kapurthala Member
4 Dr.  Vikas Chawla, Dean Academic & College Development, IKGPTU Kapurthala Member
5 Dr.  R. K. Garg, Prof. & Head, Industrial & Production Engg., NIT Jalandhar Member
6 Dr. B. B. Goyal, Professor, UBS, Panjab University, Chandigarh Member
7 Dr. Yudhvir Singh, Dean (P & RG) HBT University, Kanpur Member
8 Dr. Dilbag Singh, Prof. & Head, Electrical Engg., NIT Jalandhar Member
9 Dr. Upain Bhatia, Dean Acadamics and Head CE\ME, AGC Amritsar Member
10 Dr. Namrata Kad, Head ECE\EE, AGC Amritsar Member
11 Ms. Dipti Malhotra, Dean CCIE & Head, Digital Marketing, AGC Amritsar Member
12 Dr. Narinder Sharma, Dean Research & Development, AGC Amritsar Member
13 Dr. Sachin Khurana , Head DCA, AGC Amritsar Member
14 Dr. Sandeep Kad Head CSE , AGC Amritsar Member
15 Ms. Binod Kaur, Head Applied Science, AGC Amritsar Member
16 Mr. Purshotam Kainth, Head HMCT, AGC Amritsar Member
17 Dr. Navdeep Singh , Associate Professor (App.Sci.), AGC Amritsar Member
18 Er. Atul Mahajan, Associate Prof.(ECE), AGC Amritsar Member
19 Er. Navneet Bawa, Associate Prof. (CSE), AGC Amritsar Member
20 Er. Inderjit Singh Sodhi, Associate Prof.(ME), AGC Amritsar Member
21 Dr. Paramjit Singh Pannu , Registrar , AGC Amritsar Member

Core Team

This section gives you contact details of the core team at Amritsar Group of Colleges

Name Designation Phone no Email id
Dr. Gaurav Tejpal Principal, AGC Amritsar 0183-5069534 principal@
Dr. Avon Kumar Vaid Principal (ALC) Amritsar 0183-5069527 principalalc@
Dr. Paramjit Singh Pannu Registrar, AGC Amritsar 0183-5069532,
Dr. Upain Bhatia Dean Academic Affairs,
Head CE\ME, AGC Amritsar
0183-5010482 head.ce@
Dr. Namrata Kad Head ECE\EE, AGC Amritsar 0183-5070684 hod.msa@
Mr. Rakesh Jaitly Dean Training & Placement,
AGC Amritsar
0183-5069536 rakesh_jaitly@
Ms. Dipti Malhotra Dean CCIE, Head Digital Marketing,
AGC Amritsar
88720-09951 head.digital@
Dr. Sachin Khurana Head-DCA, AGC Amritsar 0183-5217502 hod.mca@
Dr. Sandeep Kad Head-CSE, AGC Amritsar 0183-5014756 hod.cse@
Dr. Sorabh Sehajpal Head - Department of pharmaceutical Sciences,
AGC Amritsar
99157-60086 prinicpal.apc@
Ms. Binod Kaur Head-Applied Sciences,
AGC Amritsar
0183-5069528 hod.as@
Mr. H.S. Sarkaria Head Library & Deputy Registrar,
AGC Amritsar
0183-5010424 sarkaria1976@
Mr. Purshotam Kainth Head- HMCT, AGC Amritsar 99889-97913 hod.hmct@
Dr. Narinder Sharma Dean Research & Development,
AGC Amritsar
9915783952 dean.research@