Study In The Best Law College In Punjab And Get Ample Of Opportunities

law college in amritsar

LLB stands for Bachelor of law which is a three year undergraduate course that deals with the study of legislative law independently covering the four different types of laws in six different semesters. LLB course introduce students to the world of corporate, Legislative, business, and other different forms of laws. Some of the job opportunities offered in this field are legal Adviser, Lawyer, Public prosecutor, etc. And BA LLB is five year long course of ten semesters. So if you want to do this you have to be very patience and persistence.

When to do LLb course?

After completing 10+2 students who believe in a career in law can enroll in this course. This course can ends up to five years. So students must have patience to complete this course.

There is no specialization in most legislative law bachelor’s programs. however, applicants have the option of selecting specific subject combinations that will allow them to specialize in specific subject combination that will allow students to specialize in various LLB programs such as criminal law, fraudulent law, contract law constitutional law, fairness law, administrative law, land law, law of evidence, human right, environmental law, international law and other various programs.

So if you are aiming to becoming a successful legal professional ready to make its mark. Amritsar Law college which is affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) will make sure you gain the right legal education and skills to do just that. Amritsar Groups of College (AGC) offers you the best environment and course curriculum to all its national and international students. It always focuses on quality of education which is being provided in the class. It provides the best faculty and resources to all their students.

Key Preparations to Success

ALC being the best law college in Punjab extensively offers LLB degree which thoroughly prepares you for the challenging legal world. This three year undergraduate degree aims to offer practical knowledge of the relevant laws.
The program structure is devised in a way that offers you a cumulative understanding of the law and enhance the analytical and rational skills to a student. Regular court visits and consistent moot court sessions are some of the important aspects of this LLB program. Which is helpful for better understanding of students about any cases. Also moot court sessions provides students an environment where they can practice more effectively.

What's more?

Apart from acquiring quality education you also gain real time knowledge of the industry from internationally known lawyers and jurists. As a prominent LLB college in Amritsar AGC omits to offering an industry ready curriculum as well as a job ready degree to its students. Check out the eligibility criteria and other details for law courses after 12th.